Clyde Oak

Built on the foundation of honest hard work and faith in the farm. Clyde Oak is more than a brand: it's a culture. Our desire for the freedom to grow strikes a chord with people, wherever they live... We didn't set out to design gardens or sell cool products, but to celebrate the culture of growing things. Our philosophy remembers an era when everyone knew where their food came from and wasn't afraid to labor in the fields. It's a simple idea. Join us on the long journey to the middle. This land is your land.



As history would have it, my Grandfather taught me that land was an important giver.  He was an apple farmer and an oilman.  I have fond memories riding in his Chevy conversion van through the Texas Hill Country listening to him chatter about trees and property (That is, if he could stay on the rode between laughs and spoonfuls of DQ Blizzards). So for as long as I can remember there has been a deep seeded respect for and awareness of the landscape.  As most young boys I pushed a lawn mower around the neighborhood hustling cash only to later realize it would become my passion.  

With a BS degree in Agricultural Development and a Masters of Landscape Architecture I've designed ski resorts in California and built gardens on Alaskan mountainsides.  For over 12 years I've been helping clients envision how they would like to live with and admire their landscape.  However qualified, the journey has led me to a unique understanding of the freedom that comes from working with the land.  It's a privilege I'm thankful for and hope to share with you on your next project. 


I hold the following degrees & landscape architecture licenses:  

Texas A&M University - BS in Agricultural Development

Texas A&M University - Master of Landscape Architecture

NC License #1722    |    SC License #1081    |    AK License #12684



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